The Snake

Published 2 years ago · 1K views

  • Sua, Singh, Khun and Rang steal two tricolor magic glasses or the Serpent’s eggs that gives the owner a great power from the Serpent village. The unstolen one is kept hidden by Fah, a young girl who escapes from the village in time. Fah grows up and learns that martial arts from the ancestor’s tradition and the magic power of the tricolor glass. One day, Fah and her younger sisters wander for food in the woods and see the villagers get attacked by phantom, spirits, demons under Sua, Singh, Khun and Rang’s control. The heroines fight to help the folks and learn that they might find the two tricolor balls from these villains. Finding all three magic glasses will bring peace to the village again.

s7Movie - The Snake
  • Title : The Snake
  • Genre: Drama, Action, Adventure
  • Release : 2 years ago
  • Language : English
  • Time: 01:24:31
  • Views: 1K