Devil in Dune 2021

Published 2 years ago · 1.3K views

  • In the future of the earth, mankind will usher in the Great Depression, environmental conferences will be no more, and large amounts of exhaust gas from various countries have caused the ozone layer over Antarctica to burst, and the earth will move into an irreversible period of desertification. Animals and plants mutate to produce sandworms, the new masters of the earth. They continue to erode the living space. Human beings are on the verge of extinction, and are desperately looking for an unknown oasis in the desert. Wealthy businessman Sun Bowen, scientist Liu Dong, security guard Wang Qiang, mechanic Li Guoliang and his family, and Ma Bo and his group embarked on an adventurous journey in search of the oasis

s7Movie - Devil in Dune 2021
  • Title : Devil in Dune 2021
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Horror, Adventure
  • Release : 2 years ago
  • Language : English
  • Time: 01:18:11
  • Views: 1.3K